any tips for onyxia 10?

Looking for tips for warlock soloing onyxia 10. I just ask because I'm pretty cold on warlocks and there seems to be a lot of new mechanics.

Which spec?
If demon, meta or apoth?
Tank it myself or use a demon tank?

Basically have a myriad of challenges in the fight to tank the boss itself in 2 phases while in phase 2 outputting good ranged damage and handling aoe on continuously spawning whelps
When i did it i used the upgraded VW in demon spec. Do not use apoth until the whelps come out, at which point it is an aoe race. Have your pet just tank the big adds on the edge of your aoe. I personally did not really care for ony in p2, as long as you dodge her breath she will die.
just did it using apoth with soul link+GoSac with Harvest Life

My health did not go below 90% and everything died with ease. I am also soloing naxx, BT, and a handful of other instances. May get ballsy and do some Cata stuff as well later.
It's pretty easy. I use dark apotheosis with the voidlord.
I kill the whelps as soon as they appear, have the voidlord tank the larger dragons, and just dps onyxia in between.

You can also put the gateway down so you can get to her quicker when she flies to the other end of the lair, but you don't really need to.

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