Banquet of the Steamer

Bug Report
is bugged it keeps giving me 275 spirit when the tooltip says 250 in a stat.
the steamer (275 to spirit users, 250 to everyone else) and pot (275 to intellect, and 250 to everyone else) are not behaving correctly (or at least how it seems they ought to behave). The steamer banquet gives spirit to dps casters and the pot gives intellect to healers instead of spirit.

Additionally, The Pandaren Banquet (275 for everyone) is also not correctly giving spirit to healers and is giving them intellect (again, I am assuming it is supposed to give them spirit?).
is this working how it's supposed to work? the banquets are pretty useless right nwo when you have to put down 2 or 3 to make them work how one was supposed to work.
I'm seeing this as well. The way these banquets are designed is that based on the type it should give 250 to all eaters in their primary stat and for those whose primary stat matches the banquet type it will give a 275 buff (hence the "May benefit some more than others" statement on the tooltip). The steamer banquet is Spirit so it should give healers 275 spirit and all other 250 int/agi/str based on their class/spec. The bug though is that dps casters like locks and mages are getting spirit from the steamer ones when spirit is hardly a "useful stat" for these classes when they should be getting 250 int.
I am seeing this as well. Now I'm using the banquet for only myself and another healer.
i'm putting down at least 2 banquets every pull to get around this issue. For a game where you seem to try to always improve quality of life, making banquets not as effective as the individual foods and buggy on top of that is pretty annoying (don't get me started on flasks and cauldrons).

I have started just making stacks and stacks of the individual foods and handing/mailing them out before raids. I love putting 2 hours of tedious farming in for every 1 hour of raiding!

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