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Yeah, I don't begrudge the alchemists their fee for a daily cooldown.

And I also agree that right now it's not needed for iLvl 463 gear, at least not at 1800g a piece.
I also recall blacksmiths complaining that belt buckles were the only things they could sell after the first tier of raids made the crafted gear obsolete, and the buckles themselves at least on my server were 50g, tops.

Not much of a profit to be made there.
My problems with this.

1. We have to rep grind for this, and the recipe still has a material cost.

2. Blacksmith perks, yet again, require other professions to gain any benefit.

3. Trillium ore is hard enough to come by, as they have two different colors.

4. Another expansion where blacksmiths get shafted with making gold because items have steep material requirements in which other professions needed to make said materials get the good end of the stick. (Having said professions eliminates this burden, but it does not change the fact.)

5. Spirit of Harmony is absolutely mind-numbing to farm for, and the process to make it easier is gated by rep grind.
Well on my server, competition has driven the prices down to 1200-1300 ish. It is tight and margins are low. Sold nearly 60 already though.
It's like... 1k gold on my realm. That takes essentially no time to farm up. Certainly less time than you can expect to spend replacing belts.
The mats aren't what's driving the price, it's the limited cooldown on the living steel itself.

The ore is going for 120g a stack on Zul'jin, so you're looking at 720 in mats. The cheapest belt buckle on the AH is 1800g.

I'm not hurting for gold, but 1800g is painful for a single prismatic gem slot.

Indeed I don't even have 1800 and what i do get will go to flying
10/05/2012 10:16 PMPosted by Tokyojapan
I understand you dont want them to be made with common ore like in cata.
Well i don't. It was fine like that, really...
they require living steel to keep some value in the transmute so it won't be like cata with truegold, where by the end the mats were worth around twice what you made them with.
You can transmute trillium and to compare to before that should have been the cost. Not living steel.

That's ridiculous for just a belt buckle.

Ya, thats so expensive. I mean, considering how often you have to get one right. Ha, I mean, 1 or 2 at most each tier. Such a burden on ones wallet.

Yes it is! I cannot afford one since they are going for more gold than I have. And I suspect we will be changing belts pretty often, so don't evpect to see me with one for a long time!
Living Steel is down to ~1k on Frostmourne.

Eventually the price on all servers will drop down to the cost of 120 ore (which will be about the same as 6 Trillium Bars).
10/06/2012 01:41 AMPosted by Eigahata
1. We have to rep grind for this, and the recipe still has a material cost.
You should have Honored just by doing the quests in Dread Wastes. Then you just need 20 Kyparite and bam you have the pattern.

Didn't quest in Dread Wastes? Well, that was silly.

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