Battle Pet Training - New Toons Not Learning

Bug Report
On the live date of Mists of Pandaria, I had an Tauren Death Knight on the server I wanted to play on, and he bought the Battle Pet Training for 90g. He learned it, and the Undead Warlock I had on the same server learned it. They were both able to battle and catch pets, interact with the pet trainers to buy race-specific pets, and do the account-wide quests, great.

I created a Pandaren Monk and he did not learn the ability once he got to level 5. Though, once he got to Orgrimmar he was able to battle and tame pets in the wild, but not interact with the trainers or pet tamers to access the quests or race-specific quests. He also did not show the Battle Pet Training as having been trained in his spellbook. And, when he talks to the trainer, there is no option to learn the ability.

I have since deleted all characters and started fresh, and yet no one still learns Battle Pet Training correctly.

I have since rolled various other characters to try to figure out the specifics of this bug and here's what I have discovered.

If I roll a new Death Knight, he has Pet Battle Training when he first starts in Deathknell, no problem. If I log out and back in to this character, he still has Battle Pet Training active in his spell book.

If I roll a new character of any other class at level 1, they immediately land in the game knowing Pet Battle Training and showing it active in their spell book. They can battle and catch wild pets, no problem. If they walk all the way to the first pet trainer (i.e. an Undead Warlock walks all the way to Brill), by all appearances he can buy the Undercity Roach from the trainer (except of course, a level 1 doesn't start with enough gold to afford it.)

If I log out of that level 1character and log back in, he no longer has Pet Battle Training active in his spell book, it is greyed out, as I cannot have the ability until level 5. If I then level him to level 5, the announcements/graphics go across the screen that the feature is available and unlocked, but when I open the spell book, it's not learned, it says "visit trainer." Yet, of course, if you talk to the trainer, they don't have it to teach you.

What I HAVE learned, if you create a character, do NOT log out of it, and level it to level 5, get the announcement about pet battles being unlocked and THEN log out, upon logging back in you still have the Pet Battle Training learned in your spell book.

Long story short, do NOT log out before you hit level 5, if you've already trained Battle Pet Training on a character, or you will be bugged.
Really useful post. It happens on my new panda and my new worgen. When they were created, the pet battle training active in their spell book. But unfortunately, both of them logged out before lvl5. So both bugged, which makes me really frustrated.

Hope they fix it soon, this bug really exists too long!
I gave birth to a Worgen just to rescue a Gilnean Raven from captivity. Alas, she is plagued with this same malady.

This does need to be fixed. In addition, if we knew of this problem, and Pandering's suggestions, Goblins, Worgen, and Pandaren would still need to leave their homelands, (around level 12), to get to a trainer.
Dang I thought that they would hotfix this today. . . Bummer still can't get the pet

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