<Good Karma> is LFM for weekend raids! (10m)

<Good Karma> (lvl. 25) Is looking for core members for our 10 man weekend raid team!

Our current needs are:
1 healer (Pally/Shaman)
1 dps (Mage/Monk/Shaman)

Raid times: Sat/Sun 11am-3pm server time.

About us: Most of our core group has raided together since ICC, and a few other solid players have joined since. We are very casual, but enjoy pushing progress while raiding.

Requirements: We are looking for players that can make our raid times, and show up on time. We do use mumble, so please have that if you are interested in raiding with us. Please be appropriately geared for starting MV. I don't expect previous experience of the raid encounters, but atleast know the basic mechanics of the first 4 bosses.

If you are able to make our raid times and are interested in raiding with us, feel free to reply to this thread, or send a whisper/ingame mail to: Chevrön (alt 148), Ykabob, or Ezrië (alt 137) for more information.
Bump, updated current needs. Still looking for an awesome Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman, and a Monk/Mage/Shaman dps.
to the top!
still looking!
I'm free to raid this weekend if you guys are in need, i ran with you all a little bit last saturday but didn't go sunday due to servers being down for a while. Let me know.
We would love to have you back this weekend, Durendin! If you're on on Saturday feel free to whisper me for an invite.

Still looking for core, full-time raiders. Feel free to respond here, or find me ingame!
Bump, still looking for a solid Holy Pally/Resto Shammy and a solid dps.
Weekend raid times 11 AM server - 3 PM server!
bump for my homies
I love your face, cutie muffin <3
Currently looking for a Hunter for weekend raiding! 11 AM - 3 PM server! Talk to us in game or leave a message here!
Was woundering if you guy's are still looking for ahunter I am item lvl 483 and Sv/BM spec.I think i would be a great fit your guild and raid times should not be an issue .I will try and contact one you guy's in the the game ...
I am a 485 Windwalker DPS Monk looking for a weekend raiding guild. If you still need melee, I'd be happy to join. I also contacted you in game with mail.
Hi, saw your post and am interested in joining your guild for a possible raid spot during the weekends Sat/Sun 11:00am - 3:00pm I am able to make all those raid times 100%.

Know all normal mode fights up to elegon normal. Quit about a month ago bc of guild drama and everyone in our raid group left the guild.

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