HOWTO: Disable Loading Screen Tips

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As a long-time player, the Loading Screen Tips aren't something I'm interested in seeing every time I log in or change characters.

It appears that with Mists of Pandaria, we've lost the checkbox to disable the Tips. If you had them disabled previously, they will stay that way.. but if you reinstall WoW or delete your game settings, you'll need to manually disable them.

Simply open <WoW folder>\WTF\ and add this line to the bottom:

SET showGameTips "0"

(Make sure WoW isn't running when you make this change, as it will be overwritten when the game exits.)
Thanks a million, it works!
Did they really disable this from working in today's patch? It's not working for me anymore. =/
Don't necro threads.
no point in creating a new one
03/22/2016 09:29 PMPosted by Starscreamer
no point in creating a new one

Yeah, it's not that old and the thread is completely relevant. Anyway, same issue here.
03/22/2016 09:06 PMPosted by Broloth
Don't necro threads.

Post something actually useful rather than trying to play forum cop.

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