[BUG] Arena Combat Lag

Bug Report
I have been playing a good amount of arenas this season here and I have noticed some extremely debilitating lag in arenas. I have verified that many players have been experiencing this same issue.

Essentially, players seem to be 'teleporting' around in circles instead of fluid movement. It is difficult to stay on an opponent when they are 'teleporting' around in circles. This may be an issue with the arena servers? I don't know I'm not the developer, I'm just reporting on the issue. Either way, it is making arena very difficult for melee DPS'ers.
Just an update. Played a ~20 minute game against a Warrior / Resto Druid. My comp was a Warrior / Disc Priest.

The games always start with the opponents moving around normally in a fluid way. After a few minutes or so it seemed that my target began lagging and teleporting around in circles. I switched targets and the same thing happened to the new target. By about 5-10 minutes into the match both opponents were teleporting around in a way that seriously effected my ability to land Shockwave's, Intimidating Shouts, and even stay on them and do consistent damage.

I'm very concerned about this because the 'lag teleporting' ruined multiple kill attempts. Please address this issue, it is seriously effecting how arena's are playing out.
I have experienced this exact issue as well many times in 2v2 arena. The longer the match goes on the worse the 'lag teleporting' becomes. I hope there is more information on why this is happening and whether or not it's being worked on. I don't plan on doing any arena until I'm sure it's fixed because this is extremely frustrating.
I experienced this in 2s as well. It seems to start randomly in the middle of a match and then becomes progressively worse as the match continues. Both me and my partner experience this at the same time, so I'm confident that it's not a local issue.

Seems to happen more often or be particularly bad against teams with speed boosting effects.
I have experienced it to be only with warriors on the opposite team.. especially during CDs where their character models size changes. But that has all I have experienced.
Yup I also have had this problem its extremely difficult for me sometimes because as a druid because when I displacer beast + pounce they warp around so much that I cant even catch up to them. This problem always happens like 5 minutes into the game. The matches start out perfectly fine but then turn to complete crap a couple minutes in. Everyone warps around. This needs to be fixed with 5.1
I believe this happens more and more as the game drags on. I'm looking at you, 2's.

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