Whatever happened to...

This is a general thread about things that have gone missing.

my first question is this. whatever happened to Johnr? he was hated by the horde in tbc. he played less in wrath and by the time cata rolled around, he had disappeared.
Last I knew, he faction-hopped back n forth a couple times. Not sure what happened to him by Cata.
Ugh. Johnr drove me nuts. It was tough having him around because he loved PvP but he was such a jerk about just about everything.
If you check the armory, he's still here, and quite active.
Alright! "Whatever Happened To..." #1: resolved.

Let's keep this rollin. Someone come up with another one.
The Sha of QQ needed to be fed, apparently. Hopefully once this is over it will be sated for a while.
Oh Johnnr IS around, infact he was questing at the same time as everyone else, tried to murder my partner who got swarmed by mobs.

He learned what a shadow priest is.
Dishonorable Kills.

I was proud of mine.
I remember him mainly because after he picked on someone from Rend Fate, he respected us more after we responded with our typical "fair fight is irrelevant when it comes to vengeance" method. He might have done his fair share of ganking and then some, but he fully understood and accepted that the response will often be much more than you can handle. Hell, I think he actively enjoyed that side of world PvP, prick the side of the beast until it awakens to see what happens.
Whatever happened to cefka?
I saw him very, very briefly in early Cataclysm attacking a lowbie town. Otherwise, it's been quiet in that corner of the universe.

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