spirit of harmony useless?

I'm a miner/enchanter and I just took a look on WoWhead for what the spirit of harmony items are used for and noticed that they are basically useless to me.....

There's nothing mining that uses them
There's nothing enchanting that uses them

So all these are good for is small amounts of cheap mats & the restored artifact boxes?
10/06/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Positron
Trust me it's a good thing enchanting doesn't need it and instead just buy more mats with it.

Not really...

What many complainers on these forums see as annoying, many people in game know is a great way to make tons of gold.

Not being included in this BOP mat makes enchanting less profitable.

Some dude tipped me 10g today....at level 90.....and I came to him!

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