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I'm having the same problems.
After I downloaded the thunder king patch my mouse has been doing the same thing. It simply won't click sometimes, when I unplug the mouse from the usb and use my laptops mouse it works just fine. I don't have a very good knowledge of computers but the mouse model is just the world of warcraft mmo gaming mouse.
My mouse having the same issues. Each patch it gets worse and the latest one is horrendous. Mouse movement is difficult and sometimes impossible. Clicking on items sometimes works. The movement issue is the worst. I thought it was my drivers and upgraded them. Then I thought perhaps my USB port might be going out and used another. Then I looked at the mouse itself and replaced it when two others I have. Nothing changed. I downgraded my graphics settings to no avail. The game is quickly becoming unplayable. Not sure how it could possibly affect mouse performance but something that is on the GM's auto response to any problem I cleared my Cache. No improvement.
Bump on this.
As of rite now I am having the EXACT same issues running on Mac.
Mac OS X Version 10.6.8
2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Not a mouse problem as the mouse works perfectly fine outside of WoW.

Any update on this?
Same problem
Its not the mouse or mouse drivers or UI etc
Fix the Game
I'm having the same issues with my Shaman. I hadn't touched her in a while, and all of the sudden, I can't use my right or left click in the game when I'm playing her. I have reset my Interface, and also tried removing my ad dons, and it doesn't fix anything. It's rather unpleasant, and no one seems to know how to fix this problem... Was there something that was done? I didn't see anything in this thread or on the forums. It is getting frustrating.
Hello everybody,

As I scanned this thread, it seems like that some people have the problems with a Razer mouse. Compared to the issue with the Sound problem in WoW, the problem could been resolved by deleting Razer Synapse 2.0.

I'm not sure, if that will fix that Mouse issue also, but it might be worth a try.

Edit: Actually as I can see, this has been a problem for a while. What you also might wanna try is: download

and make sure to read the ReadmeFirst.txt.

This sets your mouse to linear (zero) acceleration and keeps it there. You need to adjust your sensitivity using the driver panel for your mouse, or adjust your mouse's DPI somehow. YOU CAN NOT USE THE SYSTEM PREFERENCES to change your mouse speed. That will always reset everything.

A sample installation for a Razer Death Adder:
- Set Razer panel to 1800dpi, sensitivity on 5
- Install Mouse Fixer
- Restart Computer
- Enjoy! This will be the exact same sensitivity as in windows.

Edit#2 Thats meant to Echylod.

Best regards,
Because there have been various Razer issues recently, this thread is considered to be out of date and any players with issues currently should start their own thread.

Also keep in mind that intermittent click failures on the game world portion of the screen, but not the action bars indicates an addon or addons that are out of date which have hidden frames that you cannot click through, causing what seems to be click failures. Make sure all of your addons are up to date and if you still have the click problem, disable all addons by temporarily removing your /Interface folder to the desktop and seeing if the problem persists. If it does not, your issue is not with the mouse or its drivers, but the addons and those need to be checked individually to find the culprit.
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Hoping this is the right place.

27"iMac, USB Razer Naga mouse. Everything is OK in game, except mouse operations on boxed ( [] ) items in general chat no longer work. Any suggestions for fixing it?


Yeah, I'm having issues with the mouse too, mostly it just isn't clicking most of the time. Sometimes it will but for the most part I can't click anything on my action bar or move my camera with my mouse. It makes for a difficult and unpleasant game play
Same problem here, can't click in WoW. Most of the time, I can hold LMB and dragging in the box I want to click to put the focus or highlight. Once the button is highlighted, I can click. It only happens in WoW and both with the magic mouse and my RAT mouse.
Ditto. Left and / or right mouse buttons held down - no response. Like I have a dead mouse. Mouse wheel = also no go. Left / right push of the mouse wheel to lock in running or to stop running has the same problem.

Oh yeah. Mouse battery is good, lol.
im having the same problem too. ive done everything to try and fix it. idk what to do.
Having the same issues prior to 6.1 patch, (it's downloading now, will see if it persists later), any boxed item as in Quest givers, [Accept], [Complete], or say in the followers mission screen that pops up in game, completing a mission, and subsequently opening the Chest, are all where I am having problems with the mouse, not being able to click on the action. Also any spell or item in my Action Bars that have to be mouse clicked are not reliable as most of the time, they too fall into the problem with the mouse.
I can cursor over them and see the boxes highlight, but can not click on them.

The work around I have been successful (limited use of the term), with is by playing Fullscreen - Windowed, so that I can Command+F3 and click out on the desktop window, "get mouse click function back, by clicking a couple of times," then F3 again to drop the game window back down, and continue playing.
This doesn't last long, sometimes multiple attempts are made just to get through one quest give with multiple quests. Each one requires this routine in order to select each new quest.

I enjoy playing as a Tank, but with this I cannot run dungeons as I have to click away to often to make a successful run.

I am running a Razor Naga, Molten edition.
I was playing wow about twenty minutes ago and suddenly my mouse stopped working. I couldn't loot, I couldn't move, or log out! Frustrating!
So I restarted my computer through the power button. My mouse is working fine outside of WoW (as you can tell). But when I click on Battlenet's shortcut for WoW, I was able to pull it up but couldn't click to start it. So I rebooted my computer again, changed out the batteries on my mouse (trying everything I can think of) but alas nothing!
Please help. I really enjoy playing WoW.
I'm having the same problem, yet my mouse becomes completely inoperable as soon as WOW loads.

I have updated my Razer Mamba drivers and Synapse drivers. Restarted my system, and the problem persists.

This problem just started when I was playing yesterday, Dec 21 after updating WOW. :/


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