well guys - iv read ur threads. - a few of them.

im not a lock but seeing this forum make me want to roll one.

its like ur the only class that is not trying to nerf urselves...

lol - i wanna roll a lock now >.<

mind hopping over into hunter forums for me and telling the hunters their retarded for begging to nerf themselves.

click on 3 threads - and i almost grantee one of them u click on they are talking about how they want to nerf themselves...
Asking for nerfs usually is a backwards way of asking for mercy. If you ask for a hammer, you won't get a shotgun to the face.
Nerf locks? We have summoning power. HGWT rest in pieces.

Who wants to go all the way out to the summoning stone? I'd much rather have a lock in the raid. If they kick sick deeps then all the better.
no you won't roll a warlock. because you will not 'nerf' yourself b4 blizzard does. every sensible hunter knows how retarded their burst is. even with nerf i doubt they will be any less competent.

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