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Ok, so ive played since vanilla, and pretty much just do pvp, my main is a healer, but thought i would level this guy to 90 first as i got sick of being targeted all the time.

SO as you can see ive got as much pvp gear as i can to this point, played around with spec as much as i can to get the best, but something is really starting to confuse me.

I just came out of a BG, there was this dest lock, i had to look him up on armory, as he was critting me for 120k+ crits, and find he has no pvp gear at all, he has a mix of 434-476 pve gear!

Im struggling myself to even get 30k+ crits, my arcane shot is pretty much useless, and in BM i just seem to do small amounts of dmg, i know i have a mix of gear, but even if i go in with pve gear its about the same.

I know its new into the expansion, but this is not making pvp very much fun at all, along with the amount of absorbs cerrtain classes seem to have, as a hunter, i just seem to be making up the numbers...?

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