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Unfortunately, this may not be helpful to anyone who isn't me. But I just needed a place to store this information. So it's going here.

Just a quick list of information I need to remember about my role play characters on this realm. I only have three, all low-level, and I don't really use one of them, but I still felt it necessary to sort all this stuff out.

Rathari Blazestrider
Blood Elf, Rouge
A heavy drinker, Rathari is often found at a bar, not buying anything, just getting herself as drunk as possible from whatever is in her ever-present flask. Her boyfriend, Gabris, used to be gone all week at war, causing her to worry about him the entire time he was gone, and resulted in this dependency on alcohol. ((Gabris now can be present on the weekdays instead of just the weekends, so I'm not sure how this will effect her drinking.))

Rathari is an under-confident young adult, and finds herself extremely unattractive, but never says anything about it. She never complains about being ugly, or whatever other negative things she thinks about herself, and almost no one knows she feels that way. She tends to assume that no one is interested in talking to her, and often will not insert herself into social situations. She is very awkward around others, unless it's someone she is very close to. She is very moody, and can, at times become intensely angry or sad for so good reason for a short amount of time, after which she becomes embarrassed about her lack of self control.

Constantly following her is her 'lavender cub,' Lacuna, who is her only companion pet. ((Lacuna is actually a Winterspring Cub, but, when role playing, I refer to her as 'her lavender cub.')) She has four mounts; a red hawkstrider, a brown kodo, a timber wolf, and a red skeletal horse, but usually seems to use the wolf or the hawkstrider.

Salet Stonebrook
Worgen, Hunter
Before the affliction spread across Gilneas, Salet's parents bred mastiffs and supplied them to hunters and families looking for a pet. Salet grew up around dogs and learned everything about them, including how to be their master. When Salet was very little, she was given one of the mastiff pups, and decided to train it and become a hunter. The pup, a little black mastiff whom she named Tiny, became her lifelong companion and friend. On the day of the beginning of the affliction, Salet had gone to market to buy food for that week, and left Tiny at home. She was trapped away from home for two days after the Worgens invaded the city, and, when she finally was able to make it home, the house was abandoned. Her parents, her brother, and all the mastiffs, including Tiny, were gone. When she searched the house, however, she found one remaining mastiff, a dog from a litter that had been born the previous year, named Moon. Though the dog was not her beloved Tiny, it needed someone to take care of it, and she had no idea how to defend herself without the protection of an animal. So, she took the dog and went to go help fight against the Worgens. Where she eventually got bit. Yeah.

Knowing Salet's connection with dogs, it would be easy to assume that being a Worgen would be an honor to her, as it puts her closer to her canine roots. However, she was raised to believe that she was the master of the dog, not the equal, so being in her canine form makes her feel ashamed. Though, like most Gilneans, she has a strong sense of nationality for Gilneas, she never mentions it. Telling someone that she is from Gilneas is almost like telling them that she's a Worgen, so she does not do it.

Salet has a few 'principles,' for lack of a better word, that seem insignificant, but she follows them carefully. She only has one pet, Moon, and does not plan on taming any more, nor will she adopt any non-combat pets. She will only fight with a crossbow, as she was taught not to use guns so she wouldn't scare the dogs back at home. She has a separate set of clothing that she wares in everyday life from the set she wares when fighting. If she needs to increase her speed, she will ride her black stallion, never will she get on all fours and run, and she finds it degrading.

Moesakaru Hi
Pandaren, Monk
Undeveloped. Will come up with something later.
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Samurai Druid uses Microsoft Word, but Wordpad would work too.


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