Scenario and LFG ilvl bugged?

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My ilvl is 428. I'm level 90.

The scenarios screen says my ilvl is 424 and I must be 425 to queue, and therefore won't let me queue.
LFG also says my ilvl is 424. I have no idea where it's getting this number, as it's completely different than either the equipped or the avg ilvl on my character screen.
Exited and re-entered the game, and now my ilvl on my character screen is zero. I have no addons modifying this. What in the world...
You need to equip the high iLvl for it to count.
409 eq
424 overall

You should try doing a quest or 2, no reason to have all the 397 stuff at 90

Dread wastes will bump you up 30+ ilevels
So I got into a 5 man reg. I was then able to go into a scenario without changing a thing. Interesting about Dread Wastes, though, thank you for that. So far, the quest gear has been pretty much crap compared to my DS tier gear, good to know that changes.
10/06/2012 09:24 PMPosted by Ayve
You need to equip the high iLvl for it to count.

I can say that this is completely wrong.
Yeah... that monk is crazy... you can have all DS items and ilvl 450 items in your bag and should be able to get into a heroic.
Seems all sorts of wonky to me. I hit level 90 last night, so I started hunting around for gear to be able to queue for heroics.

After picking up some resto-ish JP gear, and equipping my healing set, it was showing my ilevel as 432/437 equipped/best. Couldn't queue. Hmm. So I swapped some pieces around, putting on some boomer gear that, while not optimal, I considered an OK swap. Alright, now for some reason it's saying I'm 434/437. Can't queue. Change back to my resto gear ... now it's saying I'm 431/438 ... but I can queue.

So either LFDs check is off, my UI is off, or it randomly determines whether or not its OK for you to queue.

Either way, once this annoying maintenance is over, I'm going to gear swap until it lets me in.
Yep. To be honest, I never did figure out what the qualifier was, but it has let me in ever since, even though my equipped item level is considerably lower than what is required. I never changed a thing from my original post. Acquired nothing different, equipped nothing different.

Still haven't done heroics yet, but all the scenarios are stupidly easy with my full 4 piece set bonus from DS.

I resent the hell out of having to acquire inferior gear (compared to regular DS tier gear, no less) just because it has a higher item level in order to queue for things that are braindead easy, but that's a complaint for a different post.

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