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So since the start of season 12, every time my team gets a Ring of Valor match I freeze the match randomy, multiple times if I manage to get back into the game before its over.

Basically, wow goes into "not responding" mode, and I have to close it and reopen otherwise it just stays frozen.

What can I do to fix this or is it not coming from my end?

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Same thing happens to me, no blue responses on any similiar threads I've found so I'm not sure about any fixes.

I'd probably say it's on blizzards end, due to the amount of posts and threads regarding issues with ROV.
Yeah I have seen a few threads regarding it aswell, just no blue responses makes me want to push the topic more, as it heavily affects gameplay.

I also think its on blizzards end, my ms doesn't change and it clearly happens to multiple people.

Hoping we can get a blue response soon to atleast know they are aware of it.
I know how you feel, and I know numerous others are annoyed at the amount of losses acquired simply from the map being ROV.

A blue response would be nice, if they can't fix the map, they should just take it out of the rotation until they can.

Edit: Let's keep this thread bumped to be on first page, so that blizzard see it.
This happens to me constantly

It's rediculous that I am more concerned about the arena I play in than the comp I play against.
I know how you feel, If we get ROV, I just have to think to myself "We have to win this in like the first few seconds, or I will get not responding and thus resulting in a loss for my team"

Just want to know if devs are aware of this it is effectively as bad as disconnecting at some point without fail during a certain raid fight.

Comparing it to PVE in the hope it can be acknowledged as more important.
I have the same issue. I'll be fighting then get DC'd at a seemingly random time. I've noticed that every time I've DC'd I was walking over a small lip or edge of a pillar whilst slowed.

I have DC'd out in the open near no obstacles though after being slowed but it definitely seems to happen less when I am nowhere near the pillars.
Hah, sounds like what happens to me when I enter some dungeons. =P So it's not just a ROV problem, it's a problem in a few different areas of the game. But yeah, I can't enter Blackfathom Deeps without WoW just randomly locking up or Shado-Pan Monastery. Happens every (multiple) time. I'm sure there's other places it will do this with too, I just haven't come across them yet lol.
This has happened to me like 20 times so far this seasons, a blue response would be nice.
bumping. lost like 15 games due to this
Just got another one. Thanks blizzard for giving the other team free wins
Happens to my team too.
Lost so many times in this arena due to this bug :(
Was playing an arena before and as soon as the pillar started rising I had this error occur and my partner oftenly has this issue whilst in ROV. Remove this stupid regularly bugging arena for good thanks.
Bumping, for me its not a disconnect, WoW just freezes on the map. Lost my arena team due to it.... cant do any arena until this is resolved.

Looking for a blue post on the matter, any news at all is better than none...

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