i don't know if i can do it man!

i'm not currently bald...
80-85 took me a day, really. Leveling a monk isn't hard with all the help they give now, and most of the better guilds out there already have heirloom pants available, so helm, shoulder, cloak, chest, pants = 45% exp boost. Guild perk is another 10%, if you're one of the lucky ones out there the ring is a 5%, plus enlightenment for a couple hours a day you can have 110% exp boost, you'll rip through the levels.
BOA gear, enlightment, guild perks and knowing the questing zones ... 1-85 in less than a week (real time, not play time).
Use adventure journals too. They help while leveling.
Slow down. Life is to be savoured.
oh wow i went to bed last night and come back to all these suggestions. i'm feeling much better today haha thanks guys i think i'm gonna take another crack at it today maybe try to get to 56 for Rising Sun Kick!
10/07/2012 01:31 AMPosted by Springrolls
i just don't wanna level....this is torture. i wanna do the new content but i have to wade through cata low level stuff and outlands/northrend. how did you guys level new monks to 90 without pulling your hair out?

If you think this is torture, you must not have been around during the Vanilla grind to 60 days.

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