Pandas and cooking?

So i'm leveling a Panda shaman on my EU account and I was going to make her my cook but my Fiancee who is playing a panda warrior said that hes not getting skill ups from the 10/25 man feasts anymore at 601 cooking skill. (the cooking racial has him that high).

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this because if its accurate and the recipes have in essence gone green at that point due to the cooking racial there would be no point in me wasting my time on skilling cooking for her when I can't even max it out.

If its an oversight on Blizz's part then its one hell of a bad one imo.
Um... I think the way it may be that they are considered maxed with the racial. Getting 601 may have been just because of the recipe they were using giving extra skill points.
Generally when you have a +profession racial (and this is how its worked with alchemy+ goblin, engineering+gnome, enchanting + belf, JC + draenei ect..) the recipes don't actually change based on your skill+racial. They change when the base skill reaches the correct number.

Aka if a recipe turns yellow at 45 skill for races that have no bonus to the profession then for the race with the bonus it would turn yellow at 60.

So far cooking seems to be the only profession that its doing that on unless they fully changed all of them with the release of mists. However I never saw anything about them actually changing the way it worked.

The feast recipes do turn yellow at 600 however unless it was a sneak nerf to all racial profession bonus' or a bug it should have still been skilling as a orange recipe until 615 on the pandas.

I'm wondering whether it was in essence a nerf all the way around for all the racial profession bonus' or if they just messed up on cooking seeing as how its a secondary skill rather then a primary profession the way the others are.
You could just do the dailies / darkmoon fair.
Or cooking dailies in the cities. Yes I know. But alternatives are not the point even if they exist. Part of the benefit of putting a profession on a character with a racial bonus was the ease of skilling it up because it allowed you to access recipes faster while having the skillups last to a higher number (do to the bonus). If thats actually been changed and is not just an oversite on Blizzards part with this one profession then it defeats the purpose of actually raising certain professions on specific races to take advantage of the bonus. After all there isn't a single recipe in game that actually requires any profession to be over 600 skill. :P
There's a set of recipes you learn at cooking level 600 too.

I am curious though if we're going to see ANY advantage to having post-600 cooking skill level.

There are currently 3 items available that will let you get a total of +30 to cooking. These are available to anyone. So all races will be able to have 630 cooking, and Pandas will be able to have 645.

Will there be any point to this?
Nothing in game as of yet to give a bonus. All it will really do in theory is give a leg up for learning recipes in the next expansion. A leg up that is rendered kinda useless if they've recoded crafting recipes skillups to be based off of the total skill bonus' included instead of your max skill before bonus'.

It doesn't help that i'm also seeing issues with the gatherer glove enchant (+5 herb, mining, skinning) not stacking with the new +10 bonus on the gathering tools. I'm hoping there are just bugs in the coding for the secondary skills rather then them having changed how the bonus' is applied to the professions overall.

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