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So I am having some gearing problems.. reforge and stats aside (waiting to do a complete min / max until i get as much gear before our raid tomorrow), i am having a terrible time with RNG. In the past, I was able to keep my gear up with JP but now JP is harder to come by (what is it, 40 JP a boss kill?) andthings still cost the same 1500 - 2200 JP.. this requires more JP farming and by the time I get the JP i SHOULD have an upgrade for that slot.

I ran some 5-6 heroics this morning, and didn't get a single upgrade (i got a side grade dagger). Other than that, not a single cloth DPS item even dropped for me to even try and roll on and maybe lose to someone else.

The Valor gear is supposed to be the new JP gear but it requires me to farm dailies for weeks to get the reps to be able to even attempt to get the gear, to to mention I get 5 valor a daily, and like 60 valor for a random (though im trying to queue specific when i can to get the herocis i need the ups from).

LFR is also going to be 463 (though i read they wanted to make it 460 but still) to get into.

I think this is a little ridiculous. Does anyone else share my woes?

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