Pet Battle already in progress?

Pet Battles
Okay, before the restart I wanted to do a pet battle but it said that another pet battle was already in progress and that it failed to start pet battle. Has anyone encountered this? I was doing pet battles about four this morning but none since then.

EDIT: Nevermind...I saw a post that listed the issue. Sorry for wasting your time.
How did you fix it? I can't find that post that you found and I'm having the same issue.
Just had this problem. The first time in freakin weeks there's been rain on Jaguero Isle and this happens. So much for the safari achievement (*%(*%(&^&^&
Failed to pet battle, this is b.s.
it had something to do with the restart, I think, was happening to me shortly before it as well
Gotta hate when this happens and there's a Spawn of Ony right in front of you. Zzzzz. Though I guess the other four people that ended up seeing it hated it just as much.
Every time there is a restart, once the messages begin spaming you, Pet Battles are basically turned off. Annoys the hell out of me, but I know now and just log off and wait for the server to come back.
I am having the same problem. I haven't been able to do a pet battle for 12 hours now. I'm a beginner at WoW. Any ideas as to what I should do?


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