Are there any 70's guild out there?

Area 52
I was wondering since I read a post of how popular 70's guilds are and was wondering if there were any on Area 52? I have a 65 warrior I'm leveling named Skyor, I was thinking about stopping at 70 for the raids and pvp I never fully got to experience since I joined in WotLK. If there are any guilds recruiting feel free to mail "Div" and or "Skyor". Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Sincerely, Div
There are, but all they do is bug people to carry them through the content.
<that seventies show> Really active 70 guild, id like to get a actuall raid team full of active 70s. not wanting carries. that would be cool, but lets face it. why stress when someone could just carry u through it -_-
70s are dead. just level.

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