Stuck at connecting after restart 10/7/12

Anyone else having trouble?
Nope, all is well.
Why are you in the forums then? lol
I am having the same issue. I can not get past the connecting screen.
10/07/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Chäös
Why are you in the forums then? lol
Lol, ikr =P
same issue here.
Yes, stuck at connecting.
Same issue as well.
Same issue here
i requested a sticky, this another issue that i have had 3x already. I have restarted my computer/ and the launcher and still connecting....
This is the bull!@#$ we have dealt with for 7 years. I now know Im done with this game. To many decent free ones to play, without near the bull%^-* WE HAVE TO PAY FOR HERE BIZZARD!!! You would think they would have finally got the message... Bottom line they don't care one bit. Otherwise, these issues would have been corrected years ago.
10/07/2012 11:06 AMPosted by Kokonut
same issue here.


omg it is a stormrage horde!!! such a rare breed to see! Let's capture it and put it in a zoo for further study and research ...

when we can log in that is

jk /hug

login boss is worse than server queue boss; at least the server queue gives you some idea it is doing something, login boss just mocks your patience with a cancel button :p

edit: aww not a stormrage horde :'( now I'm sad
same... maybe a few minutes Bliz will have it up and working again :0
Been stuck on Connecting screen for 21 min.
Stuck as well..
Been trying to get past Connecting for the past 45 minutes. Even finished a Bond film waiting. And yes I restarted both my router and computer, Blizzard.
New "breaking news" update on the start up screen, seems to be authenticator server issues. O.O
This is casused by restarting the servers during a weekend high volume time. The servers for playing are fine but the Authentication / login server is overwhelmed. Be patient everyone will get back in.

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