Stuck at connecting after restart 10/7/12

oh, forgot to add that they should be up "within an hour"
Having the same issue
go here first next time..

but dam.. never waited this long for a reroll !
They updated and said they acknowledge issue, and will provide updates within an hour
Same problem here as well......I so just want to battle pet :)
well I just thought i'd let you know the last 2 forums of complaints about today reached their posting limits... so now I'm here too... Blizzard does know about the problem and is "working on it".
same here - based on Twitter I'm seeing there are a lot of folks who decided to get up and go outside! How dare they make us pale white folks go into the sun. I don't even have sunscreen... Been an issue since the reboot. Hearing rumors there was a hack. Also one video on youtube of a level 1 horde named Hahaha going to stormwind on a lot of servers and insta killing all players in the city. It's the end of the World... of Warcraft... as we know it!
10/07/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Gattica
This is casused by restarting the servers during a weekend high volume time. The servers for playing are fine but the Authentication / login server is overwhelmed. Be patient everyone will get back in.

That sort of planning even Cryptic could accomplish. This is a bit subpar for Blizzard.
not had sunscreen since the reboot?
can't connect either
10/07/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Shadstrike
This is the bull!@#$ we have dealt with for 7 years. I now know Im done with this game. To many decent free ones to play, without near the bull%^-* WE HAVE TO PAY FOR HERE BIZZARD!!! You would think they would have finally got the message... Bottom line they don't care one bit. Otherwise, these issues would have been corrected years ago.

Leave WOW, nobody will miss you. I've played SWTOR, GW2, and tons of other MMO's. Sadly WOW is the best and these other games suck.
Hahaha needs to Die die die then... If that's true... then, jeez what a douchebag...
Freakin blizz noobs?...
aw cmon and i was just 200k xp from 90 ):
I am having same problem. I have seen nothing from Blizzard.
Everyone take it out on the silly fez-wearing pug later.
What I find even more interesting than the login issue, is that I now know there are AT LEAST 7 horde on this server... who'da thunk it.

But maybe not, may just be alts from other servers...
I am having the same issue. Tried ipconfig /release /renew /flushdns just in case. It's been trying to connect for the past half hour. Any updates on this?

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