Stuck at connecting after restart 10/7/12

Ok so what do you all think the best idea here

Do I just sit and wait on it to connect or do I cancel and try to connect again?
10/07/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Automaticc
I am having the same issue. Tried ipconfig /release /renew /flushdns just in case. It's been trying to connect for the past half hour. Any updates on this?
There has been an announcement from Blizzard on the forums and the log in screen stating they are aware of the issue with the authentication server and will update within the hour.
Just watched the vid, atleast the one I watched had a lvl 1 alliance priest killing everyone in SW.
just hit 90 this sucks
Perfect.... After waiting a few weeks to decide whether or not I actually want to buy this expansion pack, I first get to experience the bug in BRC where we all get stuck under the map or something, and can't log in again, and now this? Really makes me thing I made a terrible decision, and should have kept playing SWTOR.....

>.> even though I know I'm gonna try to play WoW again tomorrow...

I guess we all have our Love / Hate relationship with Blizzard?
Yep, having the same issue. Been going on for about an hour + now.
So many whiners lol. When you get sick, you should just quit (kill yourself) is the apparent mentality of some people. The world isn't perfect, and neither is the World of Warcraft.
rofl swtor yeah, i rather watch the connecting screen than play that pile of steam $h!t
Couldn't Blizzard TECHNICALLY be considered a monopoly in the MMO computer gaming world? Like.. Pay to play games. They kill every other one. The government should look into this and make Blizzard reduce the price. Lol.
10/07/2012 11:47 AMPosted by Demey
rofl swtor yeah, i rather watch the connecting screen than play that pile of steam $h!t

Off to play AoC. *collective laughter*
i agree with Heyysus

Post 1409 actually states they will be nuking SW and ORG. If it turns out this thread is a direct link to todays issues im sure some bans will go out.
that was at 11:15. they said updates within an hour. Liars.
Oh come on, I need to get 90. What the heck.
Just going to point this out Heyysus... That post is made in their time... If you're on eastern standard time, an hour would be up in about 10 minutes...
whatever you do. DONT LOG OUT! lol
server down for restart 15mins. HA ! WaWaaaa WAAAAAAA .. Now fix it. and maybe stop doing restarts, you cant seem to get them right each time .. Please and Thank You
How are they a monopoly? There are other MMO's they just aren't good. So it's Blizzard's fault that the other MMO's can't compete? Get real.
any news as to when they think they'll fix this issue, i'm almost certain it's been over an hour regardless of what time zone they want to use @ the time of their last post....
it's been about an hour and a half right now. Still no word on what is going on.

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