Best Pet Names (or Just Awesome Ones) Pt. 2

Going back and looking at my old posts being nostalgic i reread and saw it lasted a year <3. I loved peoples pet names (some were amazing I loved peoples creativity, so i decided to revive this old thread.
New pet names for me are
Bastet - Jade cat/Egyptian cat god
DontBlink Stone Quilen/Weeping Angel Doctor Who reference
and Splat for Spider
If you really want to you can list battle pets too
i got a Bear named FranktheTank
and a wolf named Beowulf

those are my best 2
fishsticks is mine....southpark reference aha
Monkey - WhoFlungPoo - Named because his bad manners :P

Chromaggus from BWL - Chronomancer ( a sort of wizard that uses time traveling spells )

Green Devilsaur - Gojira ( woulndt let me use Godzilla so I used Japanese name )

Chimera in Netherstorm with two purple heads - Rodan - Godzilla universe villian / ally

Gorilla named - DonkeyPunch - implying I prefer my women like secks rough.

Giant Silithid boss Buru from AQ20 - Hydralisk - from Starcraft games.

Skoll the spirit beast - Stormseeker - after the Magic the Gathering card.

and last but not least...

A bald headed eagle with a white head and brown body - ColbertRepor
SNOTZ the dog {gotta love the movie Christmas Vacation}
FEEDME the Lion
CROYKEE the crocodile
DOG the Devilsaur
OLDBAY the spirit crab

All caps so victims get a good look at whos teeth will be chomping them.
Spider - BiteyMcGee
Wolf - Wondermutt
Ghostcrawler(spirit beast crab) - LOLNerfHuntrs
Turtle - Yertle <3 Dr Seuss
Monkey - Boatdrinks &%*$s people up when I FD... lol
Fox - Mulder
10/08/2012 03:24 AMPosted by Raygar
A bald headed eagle with a white head and brown body - ColbertRepor
Oh yeah, I named my bald eagle StephenJr
All my pets are named:

I have a Cat named FreshStep, and one of those plagued wolves named CallPeta.
I have a Rhino named Whorny..

Oh and a Bear named Grylls (hence Man vs. Wild reference :D)
Bananas are yellow... lol random
But if I had a tiger I would name it raawr because then people would know that he's dangerous.
He are some of my pet names:

Reptar - Green Devilsaur (Rugrats)
BookerT - Quilen (aka Foo Dog)
Jezus - Water Strider (water walking)
Yertle - Turtle (Dr. Suess)
Bageera - Jeweled panter from molten front (Jungle Book)
Eugene - Crab (Spongebob)
Smokey - Spirit Beast Bear (Forest Fires)
BlueClue - Skoll (Blue's Clues)
Jim - Tundra Worm (Earth Worn Jim)
Carl - Rhino (Ice Age)
Beowulf - Wolf (Beowulf)
JohnnyRico - Silithid (Starship Troopers)
McGruff - Dog (Take a bite out of crime)

Just got Roshen a rare white tiger in Jade Forest, naming it Roy from Sigfried and Roy
Still need an Eagle for Eddie the eagle

Yea.. gnomes taste really good!
I'm terrible with names. The majority of my pets still don't have names. My raptor is Philosoraptr, corehound is named Titan, kitty is named Nismo. I have a few others, like a dog named Hankook, a devilsaur named Mugen.. I forgot the rest. @_@
Jade crane called Frazier......a seagull called stephen
I named my kitty Eatjoo
my croc Crockles
I tamed a triceratops and named her Cera because...

Starting to show my age. : (

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