A legit 'thank you' to Blizzard

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I agree but.... It would be a lot more fun to be playing right now, was getting off at 1pm locally anyway to watch some football and losing my little time isn't really welcome.
10/07/2012 11:56 AMPosted by Eschatonin
OP, besides not catering to people with the reading age of 5 years, seeing someone use the word 'vitriol', and correctly, warms my heart and gives me hope for our race.

Can you say elitist Jerk, wow dude get a life outside of your moms basement.
Agreed Tookah. Just as an example, think of the time it takes to reboot a computer or phone. Imagine that on a massive scale, with hundreds of millions more processes to handle, and you have a WoW restart.

A little reading on what happens in a server farm (and especially in an authentication server) would help people understand why things don't always come out the way they "should".

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