Best questing spec?

And reasons too, please.
Frost by far, solo survivability and aoe is key. You can get away with bigger pulls and will simply quest and lvl faster. If you need more specifics: Frost bomb hits all targets, you can slow all targets, frost orb is amazing, and you get an extra root from your pet to controll large groups and ff procs. Edit: and ice lance is key to tag multiple targets while competing for those quest mobs!
Whichever spec you prefer. If you suck at frost then telling you to play frost doesn't do anything but affirm my love for frost.
I like fire best and leveled as fire. I think I died 3 times leveling. two of them were b/c i was afk.

all the specs have access to spells that increase your servivability (or something spelled nothing like that). Which are better? use them all. get used to how they play so you'll be able to use them when you "need" to.

b/c i like fire better scorch is my choice for lvl 15 talent. It has synergy with the fire spec and is the most mobile of spells.

Ice Barrier b/c it has less limitations than the other two lvl 30 spells. Temporal Shield would be more of a boss fight talent than a leveling talent, to me anyway.

I like Ice Ward b/c things are going to hit you from time to time... When they do, you'll have them grouped up and a shatter combo is the price they pay for being dumb enough to hit you.. plus it works well on a tank, short CD and instant cast.

I took greater invis for lvl 60 talents b/c i pull aggro on pug tanks... :( sure you still have 3sec invis w/o the talent but with 5 mobs bearing down on you and less than 3 seconds ti live, the instant is nice thanks.

Living Bomb.. souly b/c of the synergy with the fire spec. any of them are fine.

You said questing... not sure if you want a lvl 90 talent or not.. but incanter's ward is a dps increase w/o even using the spell... so for questing incanter's.
Frost, with Greater Invis (to save your rear when you get too swarmed) and Nether Tempest (so you don't pull extra stuff by accident) is about as safe as you can get.
I prefer Fire by a lot. The AoE is incredible compared to the other two specs IMO and now that Frost Barrier isn't a frost thing the survivability gap between Frost and Fire isn't very large.

Arcane has it's merits but I think MoP killed the spec. At least for me it did.
I leveled as fire at the beginning around 85 cause that was my cata spec and sure it did a lot of dmg but when switched to frost the utility and extra freezes made it a little more fun. Picked up frost bomb and the fire blast glyph and shattered mobs. For single targets I pulled with frost bolt then lined up a pet freeze and cast frost bomb on the target. Then followed by a frostbolt and fireblast shatter combo doing 30k for the frost bolt crit. 80k from the frostbomb crit and I can't remember the next crit from fire blast. After that you have ice lance and frostfire at your disposal use them and mob should be dead. For aoe. Freeze and blizzard are your best friends. :)

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