Tiger Palm needs a glyph.

Tiger Palm glyph adds the 20% armor ignore in one punch instead of two. Then when you were to use the next Tiger Palm it would only stack to x3.
You get a ton of free Tiger Palms so you shouldn't have an issue keeping up three stacks.
That would be a direct change to gameplay and would probably end up more like "Your Tiger Palm lasts for 1 minute, but the armor penetration bonus is reduced by 5% per stack".

See glyph of inquisition.
You get a ton of free Tiger Palms so you shouldn't have an issue keeping up three stacks.

This is true, but PvP wise to get dmg rolling is awful not to mention the dmg is not there.
Three Tiger Palms then start using your Blackout, Sunrise and FoF? I dont see warriors sundering me to meet their dmg.
glyph would be a no-brainer dps gain in pve, so they won't do it without some tradeoff.
Monk dmg is below average. Why would you need a trade off? You only get 3 majors compared to what it used to be. So you kinda get the trade off with losing out on one Major glyph for a two stack Tigers Palm.
Warriors don't sunder as much anymore as a lead in thanks to Colossus Smash. Prior to its existence, Sunder in PvP was far more common. In fact it was required in some cases.
Could be worse, you could be an unholy DK and only do 60% of your potential damage without diseases on the target.

Or, a rogue who needs SnD and rupture up before they start fighting.

I think Tiger Palm is quite nice in that aspect. Its a noticeable increase, but you aren't gimped if you don't use it during a short fight.
Thing is I feel like we just have a ton of ramp up, before 80 getting tiger eye brew takes "forever" and getting that tiger palm up does as well. I think they should move combo breaker down some levels and make it a base line ww trait and give us a new mastery.

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