Jewelcrafting serpent's eye secondary stats

The jewelcrafter only gems appear to have strange stat budgets on the pure secondary stat options. For example, gemming two brilliant primordial rubies in gear (ignoring sockets) will net you +320 int, while gemming two sparkling river's heart will net you +640 spirit.

However, for the jewelcrafter only gems, gemming pure int will give you 640 (for a BONUS of 320) int, while gemming spirit will give you 960 (for a BONUS of 320) spirit.

As you can see, normal gem stats have a 1:2 ratio for a primary stat to a secondary stat, while jewelcrafting gems have a 1:1.5 ratio.

This seems illogical and pointless. I'd like to be able to gem pure spirit with my jewelcrafting gems, and from my (admittedly limited) point of view, there is no balance or gameplay related reason to have jewelcrafters be the exception to the rule.

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