Heads Up Companion Pet collectors...

Being denied my 5 extra hunter pet slots, I have gone on an OCD hunt for companion pets for my toons. The added benefit to this is that it applies to ALL your toons on your accts. So, here is a tip for you who collect pets and want to obtain the rare versions. When you enter into a pet battle, look at the HP of the pet you want to secure. Once you capture that pet look at the quality of the pet you get and then average around 5% to the HP to get the quality pet you want. Or do what I do and W.A.G it.

For instance, I secured a pet from Hellfire and their HP was 1900, it was a confirmed rare pet.

Goodluck on ya who are collecting, there are some really nice compaion pets out there.
There's some nice addons for this too- the pet quality glow one is nice, and there's another that will tell you if you already have the pet tamed when you mouseover it and what quality you have.

walks through some.
Thank you, Kytai!

Those addons will be very helpful!
ty for the info. Tried it to night, works like a charm.

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