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Forgive me if this has been asked recently, as I've found nothing on it since MoP released - How are priests at soloing old content, such as old raids and dungeons? What's the toughest kill achieved by you holy ones? And what talent tree? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Good question. Id like to know too since I have enchanting.
I find that disc priests are better at soloing stuff than resto druids, and they're the only two specs I've played at 85. The hardest kill I've made as a disc priest so far was the Devourer of Souls, but I understand others have done much more impressive things. I think I came close to killing King Ymiron, but I couldn't quite manage it.
Shadow is the best spec for it, and they can do reasonably well, but only up to a point. They aren't on the same level as DKs and hunters.
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can they clear anything in BT?

There's a vid of a Russian shadow priest killing Warlord Najentus.
Soloing, like raiding, comes with two types, the casual and the hardcore. It really depends on which type you are and what kind of content are you comfortable with pursuing.

I myself have been dedicated to soloing for the past year or so with my shadow priest. Yes I could have used a DK for all of them, but really, using a DK just takes out the fun and challenge for most bosses. Everyone knows that DK (and hunters) are the top soloing classes. Priest is somewhere among the average pack. The challenge I have set myself over the past year or so, is to be able to use a priest to solo anything a DK that's 1 or 2 tiers ilvls lower can solo. For example, if my priest was T13 geared, I aim for bosses that a T11 or even T12 geared DK can manage to do.

Can't really say which boss is the hardest I've done because they all seemed equally as hard due to the fact that I always attempt them first time with bare minimum gear. However months later after I get a lot more geared, those bosses that seemed really hard suddenly becomes a piece of cake. At level 90, with just over 450 ilvl, I have only managed to do Halion, and it is most likely a world first Halion solo for priests at that. Due to my busy raiding schedule I have not soloed anything else. And yes I had help for the first 3 mini bosses and trash.

Bosses I have soloed as shadow during patch 5.0.4 at level85 includes:

Northrend Beasts 10N
Thorim 10H
Twin Valkyr 10H
Faction Champions 10H
Patchwerk 10N
Toravon 10N
Koralon 25N

All these bosses are also completely doable for a ilvl463 heroic 5man geared spriest. However I really doubt any disc/holy spec can pull off all of them.

I have also posted videos in these 2 topics

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