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Hi guys, Team moist is a small PVP focused guild , we aim to also raid once per week on a thursday night at 9pm - 1130pm ST , We are currently recruiting anyone with a good attitude and willingness to help the guild thrive , we dont plan on becomming a massive guild would just like to have a good core group of guildies that are good at what they do :) , A few of our guildies are 2.2k Arena players and although they do have great skills etc they are not in any way elitest nor do we condone that sort of player, So if you like the idea of PVPing (RBGS ARENAS) and doing one night of dedicated 10man RAIDING , Give myself a pst in game , or Kylar / supamoist , we will be more than happy to discuss in more detail with you our guild :)

Thanks in advance

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