Having a hard time deciding....

Dear everybody...I just purchased MoP and am trying to decide which 2 characters I want to level and gear this expansion. In previous expansions I have had six or seven capped toons but never really had one or two super geared. This time I'm going to pick two and actually become skilled at them. My question to ya'll is if you were starting today which two characters would you pick to level? Also which specs and why??

Choices are:


Thanks for the input =) I don't care if the class is struggling or super OP I just want to know which classes you all enjoy the most and why!
Having a similar dilemma as you are, but I can give you my 2 cents....

Out of the following classes you listed above, there are 2 I can say I have had a blast with.

To start it off, The hunter. First coming into WoW during BC, The hunter was my very first class, so it has the "Special place" in my WoW heart. I just love the idea of agile ranged classes...... As long as I don't have a gun equipped.... Cause that ruins everything, in my opinion. But bows and crossbows are awesome. On a side note, BM is currently very strong, but expect a nerf to it very soon (Hearing that there is a patch tomorrow? Correct me if I'm wrong).

The mage is also a class I enjoyed greatly, although I only got mine to around 30-40 before going back to my main for raiding... I do wish I continued him though. Magic classes have always stood out to me in rpg games, so naturally, the mage and its arcane abilities strike my interest.

The best advice I can give, and the one I can never seem to follow, is to simply play what fits your playstyle... Picture yourself in real life having a choice to specialize in some sort of combat style... Will you pick up a bow and start pew-pewing, or will you grab a staff and blow some $%@# up? Ask yourself that, and you should find your answer. Also, don't worry about how classes and specs are doing. All classes and specs are viable enough at what they do, otherwise Blizzard would not have put them in the game. :)

Best of luck to you, and good luck!
They aren't on your list, but I'd go Shaman/Lock.
Shaman is the only healer I'd also enjoy DPSing with. And the Destro Lock has my favorite DPS rotation atm.

If I could only choose from your list...
Holy Priest - Doesn't rely on HoTs or meta-resources like Holy Power
BM Hunter - Fun and simple rotation
I picked mage from my mage, paladin, rogue and priest.

If I had a hunter, I'll probably go for it.
Anything but mage and you're good.

I'd probably pick paladin or priest out of that list though. Holy/Ret and Disc/Shadow.
Isn't there achievements for getting multiple classes and professions to max now? Just level them all! :)
I level my mage and DK until there's no more content. I guess from your list you should do pally. I like having a DPS and a tank class to choose from.

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