Character Transfer (Resolved)

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I recently paid for a faction change/realm transfer and got the email saying it was complete and I should be able to play that character, the Bnet interface for transaction history also says complete... but the problem is there's no character on that specified realm that I had sent for.

I've usually had it show up as pending and the character show up early, but this time it's the opposite and has me a wee bit concerned.

Anyone else have this issue?

Edit: I also like to add that I don't really have a reliable signal on my phone at my current location and calling is out of the question. I'd probably lose connection mid-call. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just putting my concerns to rest.

Make a new character on the realm, logon, then delete it to refresh the list.
Let me see if that works.
AMG Tamra, you're a genious! Seems this game has quite a few bugs lately, I'm positive they'll be all taken care of.

Thank you so much!

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