What am I missing?

I am a guardian druid w/ ilvl 453 in my pvp gear and a health pool of 375 K in bear form. I just ran across a druid (not sure if feral or guardian) that had 497 K health in bear form. Now this was not for 20 seconds during a might of ursoc, but seemed to be sustained (if not permanent, it was clearly longer than the 20 second duration of might of ursoc). How would he get that much health this early in an expansion given that his gear can't be that much greater than mine given the the lack of CP level gear? This is a huge difference in health, comparable to the difference health between me at 85 w/ ilvl 397 gear versus me at current gear level. As the title says, I am not complaining about hacks or anything. I just feel like I am missing something obvious that would account for this. Any suggestions?
well first off you aren't that geared, and full dreadful alone would spike your hp, he could be guardian with pve gear stacking stam, not to mention being fully buffed.
I leaned towards him being in pvp gear, which even though my gear isn't that great, he would have an advantage of maybe at most about 10 ilvls given the lack of conquest gear at this point. Even if he was in pve gear with a couple raid pieces his ilvl still wouldn't be more 20 ilvls above mine. In either case, I feel like 120 K health is too much of a difference to be accounted for by the ilvl difference. That is why I asked for suggestions. He was using heart of the wild at the time, but HotW should not affect stamina for non-guardians in bear form, only other stats. We are talking a 33% increase in health over 10 or 20 ilvls which does not seem right to me.

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