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Good Evening Turalyon. My name is Phlintt, a/k/a Phlex a/k/a Phazers. I have been a raider since vanilla and a raider on this server since Lich King. I am looking to once again set up a quality group that I can have some endgame fun with on a regular basis.

We have a solid base group consisting of members who have known and played together for years. We are looking for some more like minded individuals to join up and have some fun with us.

What you can expect:
- Mostly adult aged (21-30) experienced gamers.
- A group that loves the game but also has many real life obligations...stupid work.
- A group that likes to pvp as well as pve and enjoys excelling at both.
- Lofty but attainable goals for raid progression.
- An easy going bunch that likes to just have fun, sometimes we have a few beers and play, sometimes we just mess around on alts.
- A two day/week raid schedule (around 6 hours total).
- Well prepared leadership and a strong desire to succeed in whatever we do.
- People who like to laugh and joke while we play.
- Guildies who like to play and enjoy the game with people they know rather than pugs.
- Guildies who like to help guildies

We are not for you if:
- You need cutting edge progression.
- You are uncomfortable with adult subject matter.
- You are going to get impatient with a casual raid schedule.
- You cannot take direction/criticism well.
- You are an !@#$%^.
- You are not a team player.

We might be for you if:
- You like the idea of achieving goals with a team of cool people who look for fun above all else (winning = fun of course).
- You are not anal about raiding, but you will bring your A game and come prepared when we do raid or have other events.

We are looking for a regular team of people who want to achieve things in game together. I do not want to LFR my way through Mists. This game is much more fun when enjoyed with friends and people you like. There is no website, there is no application. Talk to any member (there are only a few us right now) if you are interested.

You can always send me an in-game mail or tell. Phlintt is my tankadin, phazers is my shaman and phlex is my warrior.

We have spots for all roles/classes at the moment. It is more about the player than the class.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Still looking for a few good players.
I am interested! I brought my 85 mage over to this server, looking for a new home. From what you described about your guild, it sounds like a good fit. :) I will look for you in game.

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