Ohio State Marching Band Halftime Video Games

Moon Guard
My sister posted this on her Facebook. It's pretty awesome. XD Thought I'd share it with you all, I was very impressed and enjoyed watching it. :3

It's of the Ohio State University Marching Band during their Halftime performance, doing things from video games like Pokemon, Zelda, Halo, Tetris, etc.



I'm a UofM fan and even I'm... O.o *speechless*

That was epic. LOW BRASS KICKS @$$!!
As a former band geek from high school (I quit during 11th grade cause our instructor was the rear end of a donkey).... I wish our band had been so friggen cool! /SQUEELS WITH DELIGHT!
Marching band sucked.

And it makes me sad to have never marched to video game music because I was military.
I'm usually ambivalent about my state, and even more so over sports, but this? This was wonderful.

Oh-io, etc.

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