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Guild Recruitment
Ride the Spiral (RtS)
The Scryers – Alliance (PST Server Time)

Who we are:
We are a casual guild with a serious attitude toward tackling challenging content and have a blast while doing it. We have been playing together since March of 2007 and we are a very tight-knit group of friends who very much enjoy playing together. We do however love meeting new people and there is always room for people in our group. We, as adults, also have various real life commitments including children and careers as well as hobbies outside of playing WoW. Although we take raiding seriously and strive to succeed we definitely have a ‘real life comes first’ philosophy and never penalize anyone when real world responsibilities have to take priority.

We are looking to find mature, friendly players to build a great group for MoP. While we have certain needs in order to build a solid 10 man raiding group we also welcome like-minded players looking for a great environment to play all facets of the game with, even non-raiders. If you are a working professional, mature college student, or parent who also just happens to enjoy gaming and like to tackle challenging content but cannot commit to a rigorous hard core schedule we might be the perfect fit for you.

Raid Times:
Our raid times will be 7 to 10pm PST/Server Time on Friday and Saturday.

We are more flexible with this than most hardcore and semi-hardcore guilds. Most of us have high responsibility jobs, spouses, children, etc. that always must take priority over video games. Need to take your wife out for date night on a Friday or Saturday? Taking the kids to Disney land? Weekend getaway to Vegas? Need to study for finals? No problem, we are very understanding and always insist that real life comes first. We do however want reasonably reliable players who give advance notice if she or he cannot make a raid. We don’t like putting a specific percentage on this but if we had to then about 75% attendance would be the best estimate on our expectations.

Our needs:

We would prefer a Druid or Monk but would definitely take any great player. The tanks are generally the backbone of the raiding system, and as such we need a very reliable person – regardless of class.

We would like to recruit at least 2 good healers with the lowest priority being holy paladin.

One ranged (spellpower)
This is bare minimum and will gladly take anyone as long as they match our play-style. A slight overflow in each role would be great, and we are not opposed to having multiple raid teams. We have done this in the past with great success.

Several of us also absolutely love pvp and would love to build a solid guild RBG group and/or arena teams. Anyone is encouraged to apply as we accept casual non-raid or back-up/part time raiders who are just looking for a good group of people to play with – be it raiding, pvp, leveling, or jut messing around in Stormwind.

The Scryers is a medium (very occasionally reaching high) population server with an Alliance dominance. It has an overall stable and fair economy. Although the server is listed as an RP server in game and as a PvP server on some wow census sites, for all intents and purposes it is a semi-casual PvE server. Now that the Cross Realm Zone system has gone into effect it is definitely no different than a PvE server at all. There seems to be world PvP on a daily basis here as well.

For more information feel free to contact myself or any other guild member in-game, send me a message on our guild site, or go ahead and fill out an app. We would love to talk to you on vent before you make the move to ensure we mesh well.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Are you still recruiting a tank? I notice that your "Our needs" section lists preference for a tank. If so, who would be the other tank (class/MT or OT)
We could definitely still use a solid tank. I have been the guild's "Main Tank" since 2007. The current member that agreed to fill the tank role has also been with us since the beginning but prefers to DPS. SO it would work out well.

Hit me up in game at BattleTag= Poe#1649 if you want to talk further!
<-- member who agreed to tank but would happily step aside for a female dwarf. So rare and awesome!

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