BMAH bugged,places bid on wrong item.

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In need of help. I placed a bid on the Hunter tier 3 helm, but instead it puts a bid for the druid Tier 3 boots.I Dunno what happened but because of this, i lost the helm. Is this a Ui/reload problem? Opened a ticket but who knows how long that will take.
Which 'Bid' button did you use? There are two, one at the bottom of the list for the currently selected item from the list and one on the Hot Item! (which is not necessarily what has been selected).
I do not recall sadly. But who in the right mind would design a ui for a bid for a hot item! A bit misleading.
The Hot Item UI is in its own frame, separate from the standard auction UI. It's up to the player to pay attention to new UI changes as the game progresses and grows.
Pretty confident i hit the bottom bid button. All i know for sure is i had the item i wanted selected.
10/07/2012 11:51 PMPosted by Tenkeychy
All i know for sure is i had the item i wanted selected.

Unfortunately this doesn't matter if you hit the Hot Item bid.

I understand your frustration, and your confusion. If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, a constructive, well-thought out post in the General forum would be the best avenue to give it.

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