[H] WotW 4/16 Tier 14 Recruiting T-Th 8-12

Guild Recruitment
Guild - Way of the Warrior (lvl 25)

Server - Zul'Jin (Horde) - High Pop

Raid size - 10 man

Raid Times - Tues, Wed, Thurs 8p to 12a server (EST)

Loot System - Ep/Gp


    Current Tier - 14 - 4/16

    Past Tiers - 13 - Dragon Soul 8/8H

About Us:

Our goal is to push current progression content while completing Meta achievements along the way. We don't strive to be #1 on the server, but we do want to be competitive. We strongly believe that character/skill is more important than a buff your class does/doesn't bring.

We provide feasts, repairs, enchanting materials, and flasks. We don't recruit to fill the bench. Although everyone sits at times, we recruit full time raiders.

Way of the Warrior is a 5+ yr old guild with a long history of end game raiding. We are mature, respectful adults who don't believe that you need to insult and harangue raiders on vent to get raid performance. We also don't feel that adults should feel it necessary to troll or flex their epeen in general venues like trade chat. After many years as a premier 25man raid guild, we sized down to 10man after Firelands.

We are glad to consider all exceptional applications.

Our current wish list is as follows:

    Dps - Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest, Mage, Lock, Hunter, Boomkin. Any Range Dps! Also, as stated below, we are looking for 1 Dps who can Heal when needed and 1 Dps who can tank when needed.

    Tank - Would love to add a Dps that can "Backup Tank" when needed with appropriate gear.

    Heals - Paladin, Monk, Priest, Shaman. We are looking for 1 full time Healer and another with a Dps Offspec with appropriate gear.

For more info contact one of the following in game or via Real ID or apply at http://www.wotw-guild.net

Petriee (Petrie39@yahoo.com)
Tonkadonk (Donk#1126)
Rioghnach (riobear79@gmail.com)
Looking for new blood to join us for all the new content!
Looking to pick up another healer and a tank!
Really want to add another Healer for our raid team!
When will we see another tank application? Could be you today!
Come join us!
LF new ppl!
Hello again! Still looking for some range dos, prefer a mage!
Would really like to add some more ranged dps, especially a mage!
Still recruiting, looking for a dps or 2 and a tank! Can't wait to meet you!
Updated current wants/needs!
WTB some ranged dps, heals and tanks!
Still looking to beef up our raid team, come say hi!
Hello healer, range dps, or tank. Did you forget to post your application? It's alright. It's not too late!
You guys dont happen to be the same WoTW from Norgannon back in mid Wrath?
We are indeed that WotW. We transferred servers and factions before Firelands hit.
Ahh, i was mistaken I thought it was even further back then Firelands. Of course, I haven't been around Norgannon in years.

Great guild, you guys shouldn't have a problem finding decent players, to bad your raids don't end a half hour sooner xD.
You could always come on and just leave 30 minutes early.
WTB some new people!
Need a Healer, 1 dps with heals offset, and 1 dps with tank offset immediately!

This is for our main raid team.

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