Dream Of Cenarius

Anyone else here annoyed by the nerf?
can you explain please. what are these nerfs?
As far as myself and the other Ferals at Fluid Druid have been able to find HotW has not been changed at all. Can you show some proof of the "HotW" nerf?
i hope there isn't a HotW nerf. If you look at world of logs.. you will see that the only way many druids are placing in the top 50 for dps on some Vaults bosses is HotW. Some DoC. Even if it needs to be adjusted it should be thought about. I feel that this is a pvp arena nerf.

now what is the nerf to DoC? Or is that just a wrong title for the thread. i don't have time to play right now. I'm at work. But i will be raiding tonight.. and i am curious on what these changes are. Just so i can adjust.

^^^ I hope Tinderhoof is right. [thanks for your research.. and the podcast is fun too]
I think the title is mislabled. I am not aware of any DoC nerf or even a rumor of one.
yeah what the HECK i just returned to this game from a few years away because this talent as a bear druid. i used to only love resto but wow i just looked at it now and i am heartbroken.
no one said anything about HotW nerfs yall need to learn to read. the talent IN THE TITLE of his post used to allow bears to get instant proc healing touch
Haven't gotten anyone to bite yet? Sorry bro, nice try though.

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