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I really thought this phasing thing would have been a bit more perfected by now. It begin limitedly in WotLK, I'm guessing as an experiment on us. Then in Cataclysm, it was fully implemented to my and my friends' and family's chagrin.

I remember all the commotion about how there's supposed to be a pulling together for guild members and making it easier for friends and family to play together. Phasing completely ruins this. I can't play with guildmembers or family when they are in a different phase and phasing is everywhere and in everything. I can not play with my friends and family because we're all in different phases. Telling me not to play unless they are playing or vice-versa is rediculous.

Out came MoP and I was seriously awaiting how phasing would be improved or revamped and there was nothing done to help this situation. I live in a slightly remote area and had to wait a week after MoP came out to get it. All my friends and family are well ahead of me and I can not play with them. Playing with them is the only reason I'm still here. The game itself, though started very fun, now is absolutely not fun unless I'm playing with friends and/or family.

What's been lost is the journey. Leveling up to max level 'should' be the most fun part but there's so many bonuses to xp and pressures to get max level, we essentially skip the good part. This 'good' part is where players find other players and create friendships, even finding guildmembers of like interests.

Since this is cut out, the only time to do this is during the new expansions and phasing ruins this as well. LotRO did it right from what little I played of that one. I saved a village from bandits but my friend who was able to play when I wasn't didn't save it. We were still able to go to the same village without being phased away from each other... but to me, I could buy, sell and repair with the villages, to him, the village was a smoking ruin with the dead lying all over the place. Him and I were still able to see and interact with each other the whole time.

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