Need help modifying addon LHCP

UI and Macro
When I downloaded this mod in 4.03 when Ever I did a command like /benny it would say Give it some benny hill make me dance and do a /e gives it some benny.
When Mist patch was relased everything works except now instead of doing the /e emote it just puts it in white letters and no one but me can see it. How can I fix it? Here is the script for the addon. Where it is in bold is where i do believe i have to change it.
LeeroyHillCatsPower_data["benny"] = {
["text"] = "* gives it some Benny Hill! *",
["AllianceEnemyText"] = "no'bu ag grom No'ku Zaga",
["HordeEnemyText"] = "nagan an vrum Barad Lars",
["msg"] = "gives it some Benny!",
["cmd1"] = "bh",
["emote"] = "dance",
["file"] = dir.."bennyhill",
That can't possibly be the entire script for the addon - and it's definitely not the part of it that's broken. All that's doing is defining some table entries.

Can you give a link to where you got the addon?
No that is not the whole script but The addon WORKS it plays the sound and does the emote like /dance and it says it in /s but it also spose to say it in /e like it I type /benny
Cameltotems Says Give it some benny
Cameltotems Dance
Cameltotems gives it some benny

It is not doing the /e gives it some benny and that is what is broken in it it just puts it in white to where i can only see it
Go to curse and type in Leeroy Hill Cats Power or LHCP

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