Another hunter hate thread

Do you whiners even bother to think for a moment. All blizzard cares about these days is pve when it comes to class balance. Look at this data based on a Patchwerk style fight in Normal Tier 14 Raid Gear and Heroic Tier 14 Raid gear.

Does it look like hunter damage is going to be nerfed, no. Is it likely our overall damage will be buffed and some of our burst nerfed. Yes.
With this many tears, I can finally build a hydroelectric dam and save at least one small village in an impoverished country. Thank you, kind druid.
10/08/2012 03:20 PMPosted by Yeahbro
he cant do anything? disengage? immune to damage cd? traps? fd? scattershot? it keeps going mang. He cant be cc'd when hes going berserk with his pet.

Number of problems here.

Disengage is next to useless on Warriors who will just charge you and if you stun the hunter he will drop like a ton of bricks (literally the disengage will stop and he will land where he was in the arc when the stun went off).

Deterrence only stops incoming damage for 5 seconds. However DoTs will still tick for 70% of their damage while it is up (50% if deterrence is glyphed).

Ice Traps and Scatter Shot break on damage meaning a mistimed DoT ruins this type of CC (unless you glyph it once again).

Any smart player will just target the Feign Death hunter and attack it while he/she is on the ground.

And finally BW use breaks CC and the pet is immune to CC however after the use of the ability the hunter is not.

There are plenty of ways to counter hunters if you know how. Do some research before coming to the forums and filling it with QQ threads like this one.

10/08/2012 04:11 PMPosted by Guapísima
Nothing anyone says, in response to this thread, will make any difference. OP is only trying to promote druids, and druid specs as being the most DESERVING of any buffs, while any other class/spec only deserves nerfs.

Nice to see another class capable of insane burst in arenas pointing out the truth.
My fav thing is the classes complaining .... Ok so when they Nerf hunters and buff i dunno mages (they always buff mages) then you can go over there and complain....

Hunters have been crapped on in terms of pvp competitiveness since the start of competitive pvp... druids and shamans being pretty close to that bottom of the barrel also......

Nerfing us will not make your class any better then it currently is and will just make strong classes like Arms warrior and Warlocks more apparent..

8 years and the community is still the same......

and im not saying hunters ARENT op... we probably are a little too bursty at the moment.... but the way people go on about it you would think we were summoning a raid boss into the arena to fight for us...

AND ITS ONLY BEEN A COUPLE OF WEEKS........ we have had classes go an entire season WHILST the community complains only for it to get nerfed the month AFTER the season ends....

Its a game..... a game the devs play..... as much as people dont want to or hate to admit it... class favorites will always exist... so DONT WORRY....

im sure by the time we get deep into pvp... Hunters shamans and druids will be back at the bottom... whilst rogues mages and priests run around having a good ol laugh

id rather see them bring classes up to a competitive level then continue to bring other classes down

10/08/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Yeahbro
im not going to sit here and whine all day but...
im not going to sit here and whine all day but... . .

but... i really feel like sitting here and whining all day?!?

I feel like he took the start of kanye west's "Ima let you finish but"
If you want, little druid, I'll let you be my pet.

At least then I won't have to kill you.

Or will I...?

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