Nerf bat...

Yes, along with BM hunters.

Anyone who denies it is simply delusional and just trying to stay positive.

With that being said no one knows how hard it will be, It could be just a simple CD stacking nerf.

how about no and l2p noob druid?

He is simply stating reality. I think just about every warrior and BM hunter accepts it as so.
10/09/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Quint
i am going to watch you get nerfed and laugh.

No matter how hard we get nerfed you'll still be nothing but a scrub mage.
10/10/2012 03:08 PMPosted by Datan
I doubt we will get nerfed.

I dont get what the fuss is about over second wind, honestly I wouldnt mind them nerfing and take it out of the game completely..

Because I've pvp'd so many years without a self-heal that Im used to it; wouldn't even faze me. Yea this will affect war's in 2's, sometimes, then again wow is so unbalanced in 2's, hard to fathom how back in BC classes were so well balanced in pvp people wanted 1's arenas.
If second wind was actually overpowered RBGs would still be taking warriors instead of Blood Death Knights.
It's doubtful warriors will be nerfed. We're way to easy to peel and we can be cc'ed through the cooldowns.
10/09/2012 05:13 AMPosted by Swolemayne
i am going to watch you get nerfed and laugh.
so you have trouble with warriors? learn to play your class, or find a new game

EXACT, yes some ablilites are better than others and against other classes. whats to say your class has stuff that warriors hate? learn to use what blizz gave you instead of wasting time on here complaining. learn to play your class.

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