What a Joke Seriously

I am constantly waiting for energy, i find it funny that you can do "nothing fun" with rogue talents because it will make the too strong...

but yet you can give warrior's another ability that is a crit 100% of the time...

I cant believe the abilities that other classes get, the damage they can do. Why did I even resubscribe, did anyone actually play the rogue class to try it out before you went live with this trash?

Oh and most of my fun minor glyphs are... i had before...

Shadow blades is the only fun thing you have done, the cooldown entertains as i wait for my energy bar to do my next move...

Never been more frustrated with the game till now, take the most exciting class and make it as booorring as possible as the rest get the "old age, fine wine treatment"
How about getting rid of slice and dice for starts... its stupid.. uninteresting...

increase my autoattack damage..... how exciting... I cant wait to hit it!
I get 5 combo points(or 4) and then....


Wait to finish it....

10/08/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Spicygarlic
did anyone actually play the rogue class to try it out before you went live with this trash?

Yep. We knew, they knew. They let it happen.
10/08/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Spicygarlic
, did anyone actually play the rogue class to try it out before you went live with this trash?

Yup, there were numerous, I mean NUMEROUS threads concerning the rogue problems but they were either ignored or answered with "it was our intention" crap.
I have a theory on how blizzard handles balance. They let a class do well for a few seasons then take them down a few pegs. Then let a new class dominate for awhile. It's been like this since the game went live. I love my rogue but i just cannot play them anymore because it's just not fun, The only time i can do damage is when i have cd's up, and then i'm stuck being mediocre. So i decided to play my mage, which is alright, but i miss my rogue. I hope they are fixed soon.
dont worry Zrye

we will get "fixed" "Very Soon"

Another common term implemented by Blizzard often misleading players into excitement for future content. "Very Soon" is guaranteed to arrive between now and the end of time with a higher chance of arriving on the "now" half of the time table. Although this means closer to now than "soon" there is no guarantee that you will live long enough to see the content finally release.

Now ←-------------- Very Soon -------- Soon ---------------→ End of Time

above from http://www.wowwiki.com/Soon
Rogues aren't good right now, that's clear. Saying Rogues are balanced and that other classes are all too strong is stupid, because if Rogue was balanced, it'd be on par with every other class.

Agreed, if everyone else is "too powerful" then they are balanced against *eachother*, not with rogue.

I also read a comment about it taking more skill to play Rogue now, and laughed. There's honestly so little to actually do on Rogue now that it's mind boggling. Playing a Rogue right now is kind of like driving a car on the highway. Put on cruise control, drive in lane, arrive at destination.

I think that was me, and if that is your view, I failed to to convey my point. Even with all the nerfs and such to rogues, I can still pull "top five" in damage and KB's, but it requires alot more work than it does to simply "spit out damage" in PvE.

Lets be real here, the people "pulling the weight" in PvE are not the DPS monkeys, no matter thier class, it's the tanks and healers, and in PvE land, the rogues want to be able to be *viable* enough to make it into raids and dungeons and not feel like they need to be carried. Is that really a "bad thing"?, OMFG!!! A player cares enough to QQ about thier class so they don't feel like the Ancient Marinier killing the Albatross!!!

What a bunch of whiners!!!

The whole 'Rogue mobility is horrible' is kind of true, but it really is always kind of true. The only thing that keeps any melee class mobile in Arena being dispelled, and the only change that would really effect a Rogue's mobility is that Prep is now a talent in tandem with Shadow Step (which is just completely stupid).

Says alot about design when one of the classes supposedly built to be the most manuverable and versatile has a percieved fail right off the bat, yes?

Rogue energy regeneration is quite crippled, which effects damage more than anything else.

Of course, all classes use resources to deal damage, people are QQ'ing about the "cost Vs effect"

Prior Rogues had Recuperate and, if you were Sub(AND WHO WASN'T?),

Umm, I wasn't, I wanted to play what I liked, not what was "statistically better"

you generated combo points of other player's critical strikes. These two combined was admittedly a bit over powered, but losing both was a pretty huge blow.

Yes, it was stupid, can't say I'm upset it is gone. It's like generating mana off somone elses SPI, or rage of some-one elses damage, it was crap and I for one are glad it's gone.

Let me make it clear. I don't want a "OP killing machine", I want a rogue who can do what they are supposed to do, and we are supposed to neutralize "high threat" targets. Note however, "neutralize" does not mean "kill" it means we remove them from the equation, and if a healer spends all thier resources staying alive and not healing anyone else, I have done my job, and if I need a bud to *kill* them, so what?
why are you a rogue dedbang

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