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This guy is kicking the royal tar out of my team. I am using a Nether Ray Fry, Darkmoon Cub and Phoenix Hatchling. His pets are so bloody fast (and with evasion (dig, fly)) that by the time I kill two pets, I am down in the red. I also have a Personal World Destroyer, Onyxian Whelpling and Leaping Hatchling available at level 25.

Any advices as to what I should do or what to train in order to defeat Courageous Yon?

I beat him with Pandaran monk, Minfernal and a bucktooth flapper.

None of the MoP trainers have a whole lot going for them in terms of power/type. I find that a lot more teams can beat them compared to the low level masters where flying/dragonkin/insert pet family is a real stopping power.

I had the team to beat MoP trainers on the first day, but I levelled 4 others to 25 because I didn't research and thought they would have more than flying/beast/not much XD.
Courageous Yon has Beast, Critter and Flying pets so the best counters to those do mechanical, beast and magic damage.

Your Personal World Destroyer should go against his beast with its mechanical damage skills.
Your Darkmoon Cub should go against his critter with its beast attacks.
Your Onyxian Whelpling should go against his flyer because it takes 33% less damage from its flying attacks.

Your weakness is the lack of a pet with magic damage to better counter his flyer, like a Disgusting Oozeling or Jade Oozeling. Not all Magic type pets do a lot of magic damage so check the type of damage they do.
He was definitely the hardest of the Pandaria trainers for me. Another thing you might be able to use is a pet that can get a 100% dodge change for one turn... It'll help with the Ram on the turn it blows Chew/Stampede and hits something for 1000-2000.

(I tamed one of those Rams after seeing that nifty combo. I named it 'Shoop Da Whoop'.)
I am not sure why people are having a hard time with this Tamer. I beat him easily with a Nether Faerie Dragon, Robo-Chick and a Kun-Lai Runt. All lvl 25 and rares. My Robo-Chick was the last one used and she only had to hit the Summit Kid once and game over for this pet tamer. The only thing difficult about this guy was finding him LOL
I kill him with Mini Diablo and Flayer Youngling + a low level pet to level. Diablo versus Piqua ( you dont need diablo, a billion things can take piqua, i just like using him) and flayer youngling can take both the remaining pets.
Anubisath can pretty much solo his pets. So you can even use him for leveling a lowbie. I keep either FFF or Robo chick (any hard hitting mech pet) in the group just in case for the Summit Kit fight.
I solo Courageous Yon with a breed 4 Emerald Proto-Drake. It takes concentration to always keep the shield up and sleep frequently, but it can be done.
Anubisath Idol can solo both chicken + rabbit

just bring something that can kill the goat.
His first two pets are still bugged and have more stats than any other pet in the game right now (including Legendaries).

He's not unbeatable or anything, but it does really screw over certain people (if they have only a few 25s).
why was this thread necro'd?
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Any advices as to what I should do or what to train in order to defeat Courageous Yon?

Get an Emerald Proto Whelp and you can solo that guy, and alot of others.
Have a Magical Crawdad, Emerald Proto Whelp and a Rapana Whelk to make fighting tamers alot easier. Not necessarly at the same time, just have em' ready to go. And don't use em in PvP, or you will get smashed. -p
Here is my setup for 2 vs 3 curageous yon... hes so easy

1x level up pet (doesnt matter which one...)
1x Emerald Proto Whelp (Breed 4) with emerald bite (magic), ancient blessing and emerald dream
1x Magical Crawdad with snap, renewing mist and wish

Here's the perfect strat:

make sure your level up pet is first. Now either the chicken or the wabbit starts. Do soemthing and then swap to proto-whelp if its the chicken or the crawdad if its the wabbit.

when the rabbit burrows, use wish and keep the renewing mist on at all times. Snap does extra damage to critters, so the rabbit goes down and your crawdad will have almost max hp when he dies. Same goes for the proto whelp.

Proto whelp can easily kill the chicken since its a double counter to flying. The emerald bite hits for 500-600 non crit. So 3-4 hits and the chicken is toast. Before you do the killing blow though make sure you heal up with emerald dream and ancient blessing.

So... 2 pets down now only one left is the nasty goat. Either pet the crawdad and the emerald proto drake can "almost" or "close" solo the goat if you time your heals nicely.
Should one of your pets die to the goat your still have the second one to finish him off.

In fact curageous yon is one of my favourite tamers... since hes almost always a sure win and fast kill.
02/01/2013 06:27 AMPosted by Xring
Get an Emerald Proto Whelp and you can solo that guy, and alot of others.

takes too long to 'solo' with 3 turn heailng.

I'd rather reflect his burrow to get more dmg in on rabbit + only use proto-whelp against chicken.
Seriously, this question was asked in October of last year, I highly doubt he is still struggling with this fight. If he is, he probably rage quit WoW months ago! lol
Pretty sure no one looked at the date -p
I found really easy to fight this trainer with this team:

Emerald whelp (25): Emerald bite, Ancient Blessing, Emerald dream
Anodized robo cub (25): Demolish, repair, supercharge
Leveling pet

Just initiate with the whelp and use ancient blessing and emerald dream to heal through the fight.
Repeat the same strategy to beat the rabbit. The robo cub is collected from winterspring. Those pets are all around the golbin city. The demolish ability with supercharge one shots bleat. This pet is also usefull to one shot any beast pet. Demolish is OP.

Just put the leveling pet in any of the 3 fights.
Uh Parts, the post before yours is almost 2 years old.
You can solo the whole fight with an Anubisath Idol using the damage reduction ability. I just use him with some strong mechanical pet and a level 1 pet I'm trying to boost.

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