Stuck in Dungeon Party (Have to relog)

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It seems that the following bug only happens sometimes, maybe under certain conditions (I am not sure). So basically what happens is, I queue for a dungeon using Dungeon Finder, and after I complete the dungeon, I Leave the Instance Group and sometimes Right click on the dungeon finder Icon and Click on Leave dungeon, and then leave the Group outside of the dungeon. So recently (after Mists of Pandaria Release), I have been experiencing an issue where I right click and Leave the Instance Group, and I get teled out, but I shows me still in the group. I right click again, and click Leave group, but It doesn't do anything. Then I think that it's a visual glitch, and /reload ui and /reload.... Nothing happens (still shows me in the group). Finally I just try and queue up again, and it doesn't let me... Then I just relog and it starts working again (Gets me out of the party). I really don't like to relog after every dungeon I do, but it's starting to happen more often. Anyone else having this problem, and/or have a fix or answer.

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