Help Please on Deep in the Deeps

Getting my Dooker handed to me every time I go against it ... only had to restart this one about 8 times - any advice PLEASE ... I hope I really don't suck this bad ... :(
I'm with you, Gashna. I see lvl 23 baddies in the caverns (the special guys with the dragon symbols around their lvl) that I can get by one or two but eventually I'm dead, and not even 1/2 way to one of the targets. What gives? Is this something you got to do with a team? Can't see how you can solo it. Same goes for Amongst the Ruins and Nightmare of the Deeps. Really depressing.
I can understand why Sylverhawk would have a problem, since the quests that you are talking about are dungeon quests, meaning that (at his level) they are meant to be done in 5-person instance groups. However, I don't know why Gashna, a lvl 69 Orc Hunter would have a problem.

Simply put, you aren't meant to be soloing those missions at all... unless you are much higher level than the enemies.
Well, no wonder, Gorefoul. As a newbie, is there some way (short of asking in the forums) of knowing when you accept a 'mission' that it is a 'dungeon quest'? It probably says so in the description of the quest, maybe, and I'm just missing it?
Should say in your quest log when you open it up. Beside the name of the quest it will say (Dungeon). I did the same thing when I first started playing lol, died a lot inside of Deadmines and Stockades.

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