What's solo'able?

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Prior to MoP i 2 manned TK for achievement.,.. but with new hp/damage and spells how far in instances / heroics / raids can a blood DK solo?

Any info is helpful cheers.
Blood DKs were having problems soloing Kael'thas after the systems patch because it was no longer possible to spec out of bloodworms. I suspect that that's still a problem. At level 90 with decent gear, though, it may well be possible as frost or unholy. I haven't tried myself, so I couldn't say.
For the recent soloing feats, I soloed trial of the grand crusader (heroic mode 10 man), marrowgar 25 man, halion 10 man. I also managed to get Morchok to like 40%. Should be soloable next tier.

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