Makin money with Alch and Jc

How is everyone else doing it so far?
Just maxed my jc and alch but with the weird AH econ right now i'm curious as to what everyone has found success in so far.

Any tips would be great!
Things are starting to settle down now but the AH is still filled with the gems from those few individuals who are trying to get rid of the gems they made from lvl'ing Jc rather than making money off of them. Because of this, a lot of high level gems are still going for dirt cheap, however, i'm still making a decent amount of money.

The main pain right now with Jc is having to check two different prices every time you want to throw a gem up on the AH because of the green cuts that can proc a blue "perfect" one every now and then.
On the JC side, I see uncut blue quality gems selling for more than I can move blue quality cut ones for, I chalk that up to people still researching their cuts, also keep in mind perfect gems have the same stats as blue gems now.

What I usually do is after prospecting my ore, turn all my green gems into rings and necklaces to DE and the remainder (I hate leftovers) I cut into useful cuts and sell off the perfects, easy money.

Alch is a little tricky, so far I have two alchemists at 600, I have been selling my living steel CD for 100g +50g per proc.
Funny how server dependent it is. Ours has a difference of 400g if you buy trillium and sell the living steel at AH price, so the CD is generally sold in trade for around 300-350g. Problem is that the living steel price has been fluctuating a bit. As low as 1100g and as high as 2200g. I figure it will stabilize closer to 1k.

Doing ghost iron > trillium transmutes net about 200g profit per xmute on our side, however my alch is a xmute spec so i've already got one Living Steelx2 proc and about 5 or 6 Trilliumx2 proc. It's a nice steady stream of income. Buy ghost iron bars, sell trillium.

I'm keeping the living steel because i need it for my own crafting.

JC seems to make money on our server by simply prospecting the ore and selling uncut gems to guys who are levelling JC. Once that dies down and more ore floods the market i suspect prices will change with uncuts being cheaper than cuts again.

For now meta gems are really not worth xmuting simply because the raw gems are so expensive. I just buy the uncut meta from AH, and cut and resell. Around 600g-800g profit on those, but they're not quick sellers.

I have a few other things that are making mad money on my server, but i'll save that for another thread :)

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